Online College is an academic agent established to meet the post-secondary educational needs of young people and enhance the competitiveness of the workforce in the labor market through achieving excellence in learning, excellence in facility and excellence in leadership. We will meet the demands of our diverse student population by preparing them for an increasingly competitive global environment with both Certificate and Diploma programs. We are committed to delivering enriching learning experiences and to promote economic and workforce development.


To Be Nakuru’s Best Business and ICT College

Being focused to a consistent, highly ambitious, easily understood, memorable and long term goal will prove to be of benefit in unifying individual efforts towards the achievement of a greater collective outcome.

We will build on and maintain our status as Nakuru’s Best Business and ICT College and to be recognized for Achieving Excellence.

Standards of Excellence

To provide a strategic direction towards this vision Online College concentrates on 3 goals:

  1. Achieving Excellence in Learning 
  2. Achieving Excellence in Facilities 
  3. Achieving Excellence in Leadership

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